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Legionella Testing Software

Gabriel’s solution for companies that perform Legionella testing streamlines the scheduling of inspection visits, manages the process of undergoing tests at site and eliminates the need to handle paperwork – so you can deal with the increased workload as buildings re-open after lockdown.

Our Legionella service system organises the process of conducting risk assessments, sampling, tests and carrying out disinfection and remedial work via a tablet, laptop or mobile phone, validates the data - and then seamlessly generates a range of reports for internal checking and distribution to customers.

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Gabriel Legionella Job Management System

Time Tracking Software

Our timesheet application ensures engineers log all their time spent - on a job-by-job basis. Via their PDA phone or iPhone, they can capture their travel and working time against a specific customer or job – as well as log time spent in the office.

The central management screen displays the working hours by engineer as soon as they are entered by the engineer. You can then view all time sheet entries and report by date and engineer name and view total time spend against a particular customer or job. This information can be exported to spreadsheets for reporting and imported into your payroll software.

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Gabriel Time Management Software

Job Tracking Software

The Jobsheet tool takes the timesheet application a few steps further, allowing engineers to log work descriptions and parts used alongside their timesheet entries. Expenses, parts and labour required to complete the job and potential follow up work can all be logged against the job – and if you opt for PDA Phones, you can also capture the customer’s signature for each job.

Once the work is complete, office staff can view and print the completed job details and approve it for invoicing immediately – so there’s no need to wait for the engineer to return their paperwork before you send your customer their bill!

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Gabriel Job Management Software

The Engineer Job Scheduler

Our scheduling software lets you import new jobs from your existing field service database or spreadsheet. You can then allocate each job by selecting an engineer and a date and time with a few mouse clicks. Engineers can then view their scheduled jobs quickly and easily on their phone or PDA. They can drill into each job to view details, click to acknowledge or accept the work, and flag the job once its complete.

Back at the office, the central management screen lets you quickly see the status of each job as it gets updated. You can then report on the workload by engineer or date and export the information about completed jobs back into your main system.

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Gabriel Scheduling Software

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